Sunday, November 26, 2006


Tips on Getting Free Online Golf Instruction

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Obviously, nothing can replace one on one instruction from a professional. However, there is a great deal of free online golf instruction available that can be valuable and really help your game. Used in conjunction with regular practice and personal instruction, it can be a fantastic aid in lowering your scores and improving your overall golfing experience.
Read and Apply
There are thousands of articles online about golf instructions. If you carefully search for the parts of your game you need the most help with and select articles by reputable instructors and organizations, you will have the opportunity to absorb information in a different manner than just hearing it. Once your instructor tells you something, go home and find some literature on it. Hearing it, practicing it, and reading about it will help you to fully absorb the information completely and retain it better.

Many websites by the major world golf organizations offer great online golf instructions through videos. These videos, which are often free, will generally feature teaching pros or even touring pros demonstrating techniques and tips while giving instructions. After your lessons, go home and check out some video online golf instruction. Use the opportunity to see what it is supposed to look like when you make certain swings. Then, either by watching yourself in a mirror or video taping your swing, you can help yourself improve. Then, next lesson, you can ask questions and learn drills to help you apply what you learned through the online golf instruction you got on video.
There are golf instructions available practically everywhere. You can get golf lessons at your local course, friends always have advice, there are magazines to which you can subscribe, and there is always the internet. The internet can be a great source for your game. Seek out online golf instruction by reading and by watching free videos that can enhance your one on one golf instruction.